Pot for pooches: Why pet owners are giving their beloved animals medical marijuana

  • As medical marijuana becomes more commonplace, pets are the latest patients
  • Pets with ailments such as  arthritis, anxiety or even cataracts have been given medical marijuana by their concerned owners
  • A slew of treats and tinctures made of hemp or cannabis oil have hit the market for pets
  • Pet owners swear by the miraculous results but it is not FDA approved

Article by Kiri Blakeley

As medical marijuana has become more common for humans, it’s not surprising that humans have turned to it to try to help alleviate the suffering of their loved ones – their pets.

Several hemp and marijuana-based products made specifically for pets have hit the market in the wake of many states making medical marijuana legal for humans.

It was probably inevitable that pets would be next.


Pets dealing with everything from arthritis to allergies and cataracts are being given medical marijuana by their owners (stock image)


Hemp and cannabis based treats and tinctures are becoming popular with concerned pet owners who want to alleviate pets’ suffering (stock picture)

Lisa Mastramico of Long Beach, California told The New York Times that pot has done wonders for her 12-year-old arthritic cat, Little Kitty.

The feline used to spend all day hiding in the closet, but after Mastramico got a medical marijuana card and bought a couple of pot-based tinctures for pets, Little Kitty has had a miraculous turnaround.

‘When I’ve given it to her, she’s never acted high: falling face-first into her food bowl, chowing down. She comes out and socializes, wants to be in your lap, wants to be petted. It’s a very noticeable difference.’ she said.

Another pet lover,  Maria Ellis Perez, 55, from Pompano Beach, Florida, said she thought her 12-year-old domesticated pet skunk, Ricochet, had little time left in the world after she finally gave up eating after suffering various health issues.

‘We thought it was her time,’ Ms. Ellis Perez told the outlet.

But then the worried owner tried Treatibles for pets, which combines hemp oil (CBD) with various ingredients more common to the health food aisle – pumpkin, blueberries, turmeric, peanut butter and coconut oil.

After a few days of hemp treats, the excited owner says her skunk was eating breakfast.

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